Learning to love ourselves and our imperfections is one of the most important things we can do to heal the world.

Look, here’s the deal.

The world is a strange place these days. There is so much change happening so quickly that it’s hard to know which direction to look, let alone head.

These changes can scare the pants off of anyone, make us hide under the covers, and endlessly call ourselves names. Like a big, fat, weak phony FAILURE.

Or something like that.

But instead of self-loathing, what if we really need a new way of navigating life? What if our current way – largely based on “conventional wisdom” created in a world that no longer exists – doesn’t work anymore?

I can help you create a new set of navigation tools, based in love and a willingness to show the world who you really are.

Taking steps in this direction can bring up all kinds of crappy feelings – like shame and fear – and continual narration from the voices in our heads that warn us we are not enough. Or too much. Or both.

Those mean, relentless voices no longer have to stop you from doing what you were put here to do.

I can teach you how to sit with them, transform them, and learn to listen to a much kinder, gentler, wiser voice you may not even know you have.

If you’re feeling like any or all the things that used to work for you – your relationships, career, parenting style, etc. – are no longer cutting it, let’s talk.

I bet it’s not because you’re the world’s biggest failure.

In fact, it’s not because you’re doing anything wrong at all.

It’s because you need a new set of navigation skills, too.

I can help!

Hi, my name is Gail. I am a life coach, artist, writer, and fellow human being.

I believe that what we experience internally is what we experience externally.

We find peace in our everyday lives only after we find it in ourselves.

I believe that “conventional wisdom” teaches us that we can solve every problem with our minds. But doing so actually ignores one of the greatest gifts we have, which is our intuition about things. Everyone can learn to develop this intuition.

Even you.

I provide coaching – empathy, ideas, and advice – for people who are stuck in one or more areas of their lives.

I do this so that you can learn:

  • What exactly is keeping you stuck.
  • How to make choices based on what your body and soul – and not your mind – are telling you.
  • How to move through difficult emotions such as anger and shame into a more peaceful way of living.

I can teach you how to start trusting that your body knows things *way* before your mind does. Learning to listen to your gut feelings can bring you greater joy and a simpler, more peaceful way of living. It can also help lesson anxiety and depression.

Being willing to sit with the really hard parts is how we get unstuck! But learning to do this isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t easy to do alone.

I have helped many people move through difficult places with humor and love.

My clients have learned how to use difficulty as freedom and to let emotions pass through them, instead of holding them hostage. I can teach you to do the same.

The world doesn’t have to feel so difficult. Let’s do this together!

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 Some Other Things About Me

1. I come to the practice of life coaching ----

with some pretty legit credentials. I have a Masters in Social Work and worked for several years as a therapist. In 2013, I completed my training as a Board Certified Coach. My entire life, I’ve also been the person that everyone comes to for listening/empathy/advice. So I use that, too!

2. I also have ----

more years than I can count of my own experience with depression, anxiety, and being stuck. This includes a 17-year-long eating disorder. I no longer experience these things and am passionate about helping people learn to take the dark stuff, move through it, and create their own magic in the world. (You can read more here.)

3. I left the mental health field ----

because I don’t like its focus on seeing people as broken. I’m not into an overuse of diagnoses that can perpetuate the “stuckness” in someone’s life. I help people realize that the tools they learned somewhere along the way are not serving them anymore and develop new, unapologetic ways of being in the world.

4. My mix of skills and experience ----

allows me to be very clear about the difference between coaching and therapy and refer people appropriately. If you’re unsure whether you need coaching or therapy, schedule a call with me and we can figure it out together!

5. Humor is my not-so-secret weapon ----

If we’re not laughing we’re crying, and usually we need to do both. One of my favorite things is helping people laugh at a situation they thought was only serious. Life is more than a little weird, right? Let’s embrace it.

6. I'm not into ----

pressuring anyone to do anything ever. I like to meet clients where they are (blame my social work experience) and help them realize that just about everything they think and feel is normal. I’ve been through and seen so much that it’s pretty impossible to convince me that you are broken. Cause I know you’re not.

Often feel like you’re pushing a giant boulder up a wet hill while barefoot?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Put down the boulder and grab a free copy of my Twenty Questions Coloring Book to get you started on the path to sanity.

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