Dear Inner Perfectionist

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Dear inner perfectionist:

I timed it yesterday and the house went from clean to this in approximately 17 minutes once the kids and husband walked in the door. It’s like opening the door to a bunch of drunk hyenas every night.

I know you like to believe I can do it all, but my list of daily activities includes a paying gig and a business I am trying to build, general house-holdery, caring for three children under the age of five, moving my body and caring for my spirit and social life, and time with the hubby. All on about 6 hours of sleep due to a teething one-year-old and my deep love for Bravo TV.

In response to your incessant demand for my five-star housekeeping services, I’d like to know if you are high. Or insane. Or both.

Seriously, what gives?

I’m worried about you and would like you to see someone for your issues. In the meantime, I’ve got other shit to do. Like figuring out which of the hyenas keeps going through my shoe collection and depositing them on the dining room floor.

Peace out.

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