No ex-boyfriend of mine was ever this persistent. Which is another story altogether, but let’s stay focused.

Holiday stress and I have a terrible, yet consistent relationship: like two people who are clearly the wrong match but just can’t seem to quit each other, annoying everyone with their bickering and co-dependency. Every freakin’ December, I swear I will be calm and collected and do only the things I want to do. I promise […]

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Maybe 12 million of them are jerks, but 161 million seems exaggerated, even for me.

A while back, I was reading Mark Nepo’s awesome book, The Endless Practice. One line, in particular, has stuck with me. It was spoken by a woman struggling with family members with whom she disagreed on just about everything. One day, she grew frustrated and blurted out: “I want to talk about our experiences, not […]

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The old me would have apologized for the Beach Boys comment.

If you stand on a street corner and poll human beings about their special talents, you will probably hear things like: “I bake great chocolate chip cookies.” “I can fix anything anywhere.” “I can recite all the state capitals while standing on my head – watch!” etc. What you will probably not hear is: “I create elaborate […]

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I’m starting a Screw It movement. Join me. Or screw it. Either way is fine.

Lately, two little words have been changing my life. No, I’m not talking about not “Housewives Reunion”, “sleeping in”, or “elastic waistband.” (Although each of these is a game changer, too.) I’m talking about words that are almost never taught to us as children and rarely celebrated in the adult world either. But when I […]

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While I’m at it, does anyone know a good foot doctor?

With so many politicians having become caricatures of themselves, the things that we humans struggle with are being brought into sharp relief for us to see clearly and deal with. For example. I have long believed that, while women’s rights and LGBT rights are clearly important and we must continue fighting for them, what’s also […]

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She’s four. And I’m not, so…

We have a bit of a…situation…at home. Lately, Piper, our lovely middle child, who will be five in a few short months, has regressed to temper tantrums. These are not mild temper tantrums. These are knock-down, drag-out, where-is-that-box-of-wine-I-bought-at-Walgreens? tantrums that come on totally out of the blue. One minute, she is kissing my face telling […]

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